[Cryptography] FBI: Don't trust IoT devices

Mo Balaa buddybalaa at gmail.com
Thu Dec 12 16:54:47 EST 2019

I’ve been developing open source solutions around location aware
connectivity enablement.

The general idea is that when my phone is not associated to my home AP,
specific groups of
devices will automatically have their connectivity disabled.

Further, in addition to VLAN segmentation, specific classes of devices such
as smart TVs and voice
enabled devices assistants, should require explicit user permission for
each network interaction. Imagine something akin to smart phone enabled
push-to-talk for your Amazon Alexa.

I’m very interested in developing these solutions in an open source
capacity and would be interested in collaborating with others who are
interested in these types of projects.

Is anyone familiar with an existing open source or commercial offering
along those lines?


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