[Cryptography] Magic spells and Medieval medicine.

Gerard Cheshire Gerard.Cheshire at bristol.ac.uk
Thu Dec 12 09:50:46 EST 2019

Apologies for any cross-posting.

Dear Cryptography Listers,
Ever since the publication of journal article The Language and Writing System of Manuscript MS408 Explained, we have been busy translating the plant pages in order to construct the lexicon for the manuscript. They all relate to matters of female reproduction and the complications that can arise, so the many plant species are used for various medicines.

In the latest paper the plant is used as a form of magic 'æa' for the purpose of rectifying the damage done by the extreme physical manipulation 'æora' described in the previous paper. So, the manuscript does contain some magic after all. :0)

Here is the link to Plant Series, No. 5: https://ling.auf.net/lingbuzz/004917
Please spread the word far and wide.
Kindest regards,

Dr. Gerard Cheshire.
Research Associate.
University of Bristol.

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