[Cryptography] US - PUBLIC SYSTEM

other.arkitech other.arkitech at protonmail.com
Mon Dec 9 14:13:49 EST 2019

> Could you provide a link to the source code? I don't think anyone
> wants to dig through the raspberry pi images only to discover
> precompiled binaries.
Unfortunately the answer is going to be (temporarily) deceptive.

The operating system image contains a pre-configured raspbian system where user gov has sudo powers, hence you have root privileges.

For maintenance purposes I have (temporarily) root access too via
ssh port 16671.
I'll remove maintenance access as soon as automation is improved and I don't need it anymore to upgrade or recover the system.

in /usr/local, the binaries us-wallet and us-gov, (gov and wallet daemons) with their libs lisusgov.so and libuswallet.so are (temporarily) precompiled without source code. The rest of parts are conf files and bash scripts.

you can always strace the programs to check their interactions with the kernel and assess they are not doing nasty things.

The upstream repositories in /etc/apt/sources.list are the raspbian official ones so no other binary in the system would be supposed to be untrusted.

In order to have full peace of mind you could run the node in vlan (or in a wireless guest net).

As soon as I have enough cycles of usage feedback and complete the anonymization of the git repository, I'd start the dev community by releasing the sources for review/improve.

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