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jamesd at echeque.com jamesd at echeque.com
Mon Aug 12 18:53:58 EDT 2019

There are plenty of random phrase generators around, but I have not 
found their algorithms and their word databases.

I hope someone could direct me to some open source for random phrase 

For the same entropy, it is easier to type an English language 
passphrase than a random string of gibberish, even though the random 
string has roughly three times the entropy per character, the longer 
English phrase is easier to remember and to type.

Trouble is that user generated passwords and  passphrases tend to have 
low entropy.

Logon passphrases do not need much entropy, because the server will lock 
you out after a large number of failed guesses, but the trouble is that 
pass phrases for crypto currency accounts require about a 128 bits of 
entropy, which corresponds to about twenty three characters of random 
gibberish, or about a twelve word passphrase.   It is hard to type in 
twenty three characters of random gibberish.

To prevent people from using low entropy passphrases, most crypto 
currency wallets use a generated passphrase of twelve words randomly 
selected from a list of two thousand words.

Trouble is random words are hard to remember and type. Grammatically 
correct nonsense passphrases are easier to remember and type.

Jitsi uses a random passphrase generator which generates grammatically 
correct nonsense phrases, but its passphrase generator only generates 
four word phrases.

Obviously, we would be better off using randomly generated grammatically 
correct twelve word nonsense phrases than randomly generated strings of 

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