[Cryptography] Software proposal for verifiable stateless computing

John Kelsey crypto.jmk at gmail.com
Sat Aug 3 11:06:53 EDT 2019

> On Jul 27, 2019, at 05:07, Daniel Hong <shhong at unifiedh.com> wrote:
> Unlike a blockchain, state chains are not intended to be publicly verifiable. This approach decreases the computation work required to "finalize" every state transition on a linear blockchain. We can always rely on an external chain when we need it, such as proving the identity of an application or using token contracts.

Maybe this is a dumb question (I read your email but not the paper), but if nobody verifies the state chains, how does anyone rely on the computation results?  Why cant a mining node just make up incorrect results? 

> Daniel Hong
> shhong at unifiedh.com


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