[Cryptography] [ADMIN] Too many fake "Satoshis"

Perry E. Metzger perry at piermont.com
Fri Apr 19 16:00:32 EDT 2019

We've got a bunch of people currently subscribed to the
Cryptography list with various permutations of the name
"Satoshi Nakomoto", which is sort of harmless if a bit bizarre.

However, at intervals, someone tries to post messages under that name,
usually promoting some scam. Naturally, the moderators reject all such
posts; we're not morons.

Unfortunately, I think the time has come to be a bit more formal about
this because I'm sick of wasting time on it.

So, I'm instituting a new rule. No one is even going to be allowed to
subscribe to the list under that name any longer (let alone post!)
unless they are capable of signing a reasonable demonstration message
under a public key known to be controlled by the "Satoshi Nakomoto"

The real "Satoshi" would have no problem doing that. For the rest of
you, don't even bother; as I said, we're not idiots.

I will also be unsubscribing all of the current fake "Satoshi"
addresses in a little bit.

(If you're actually "Satoshi" and want to subscribe under that
pseudonym, feel free to get in touch with appropriate public key
signed evidence, though I suspect that the real "Satoshi" has no such
desire. If you get in touch without such evidence, your message is
getting thrown away without a reply.)

Perry E. Metzger		perry at piermont.com

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