[Cryptography] "The Women Code Breakers Who Unmasked Soviet Spies"

Jerry Leichter leichter at lrw.com
Tue Sep 18 11:45:33 EDT 2018

"In 1995, when Venona was declassified, the public face of the project was male. The most celebrated name was that of a man, Meredith Gardner, a linguist who deciphered names and words, working closely with FBI agent Robert J. Lamphere. But in the cryptanalytic unit—where the tough analytic math was done, where the messages were prepared and matched, where the breakthroughs happened, where the numbers were so painstakingly stripped—the face of Venona was different: “Most of the people working on it were women,” says Robert L. Benson, a retired historian for the National Security Agency."


                                                        -- Jerry

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