[Cryptography] Seeking recommendations for a dedicated server/VPS provider

Michael Kjörling michael at kjorling.se
Sat Nov 10 06:08:39 EST 2018

On 9 Nov 2018 16:01 -0800, from ron at flownet.com (Ron Garret):
> Subject line says it all. My server provider, which I have been
> happily using for fifteen years (Zerolag), was recently acquired by
> a Big Faceless Corporation whose people seem to be only marginally
> competent, so I am on the prowl for an alternative. My baseline plan
> is to just use AWS because, although Amazon is the paragon of the
> Big Faceless Corporation, they are competent and their products Just
> Work the vast majority of the time. But I’m willing to pay a
> considerable premium to be able to call a tech support line and have
> a competent human pick up the phone. Does anyone here have a
> provider they can recommend?

You might want to have a look at Hetzner. https://www.hetzner.com/

I have two VPSes with them and although I haven't talked to them on
the phone (the service tier I selected does not include telephone
support), their services have been just about rock solid for me since
I signed up with them about a year and a half ago. The few times I've
had reason to submit support tickets they have always been dealt with
promptly and professionally. The VPSes I have, despite them being the
cheapest VPS tier available at the time, are also plenty fast.

If a VPS isn't your cup of tea, they also offer various options for
managed or colocated physical servers at reasonable price points.

Their datacenters are located in Germany and Finland.

No affiliation whatsoever; just a happy customer.

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