[Cryptography] Ten years ago today

John Levine johnl at iecc.com
Thu Nov 1 19:44:48 EDT 2018

In article <0c2130cf-5bd2-117c-5479-066433d99699 at sonic.net> you write:
>If I'd thought there'd be a nonzero valuation, I'd have actually mined
>it.  I didn't.  Sigh.  Twenty-twenty hindsight.

Same here.  Someone asked what it's good for, Satoshi said you could
use it to do spam filtering.  I said, no you can't (spam filtering by
e-postage is a Well Known Bad Idea), assumed it was yet another crock
and didn't pay further attention.

About a decade later I bought some bitcoins from a vending machine and
then paid for a coffee at a shop near the Vancouver IETF just to see
if I could.


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