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On Wed, Jun 13, 2018 at 2:00 AM, Dave Howe <davehowe.pentesting at gmail.com>

> On 12/06/2018 16:12, Aram Perez wrote:
> > Anybody look at this project: > https://gctc.opencommons.org/
> Project_GRACE?
> My understanding was that it is yet another IBE based "alternative" to the
> current CA solution,  .... a tie to a patented IBE implementation

> ....but I could have missed something?

For Grace, The hook seems to be a node only oriented project.  They say.
"Each node in the network (IoT, VM, etc) is assigned an immutable digital
identity in the private key stored in the secure hardware. "

This seems to exclude many cloud and "mobile" VM dependant  solutions so
necessary in the cloud.
Secure hardware in the IoT world is unknown outside of the hooks in iPhone
class processors ($$).
Given that secure hardware is secure and exists one can continue...
 Assigned by who and how is the
identity hook managed... it appears to be a type of generated password.

In the patent I am confused by: "The second mechanism is for a sender to
generate the public key locally for every recipient."
I do not understand how a public key be generated for me if I do not
already know the private key will work.  Is this where the world
has to trust a third party?

So some node to node communication security but not unique for all of some
10,000+ individuals or applications per node.
They mention virtual machines in the project GRACE so I am not sure how a
migrated VM on new hardware can play.
 A captive VM or container might be useful.

Inside a walled garden??

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