[Cryptography] Data Protection Against Quantum Computing Brute Force via Device ID

Natanael natanael.l at gmail.com
Fri Jun 8 15:52:04 EDT 2018

Den fre 8 juni 2018 21:22Govind Yadav <yadavgovind at hotmail.com> skrev:

> The ultimate solution to this problem is that instead of application,
> embed Device ID technology directly into the encryption algorithm - there
> is no other way out. Then the Algo, along with usual crypto operations,
> will also check Device ID as described in the paper and stop the process if
> device is found to be rouge.

In practical terms, application = algoritm. All of the math and code and
instructions becomes electrical impulses in the CPU:s. There's no tangible

This is simply not possible without using specialized security hardware
like TPM or smartcards - the algorithm can not know if the attacker lies
about the provided device ID. The attacker controls *everything*, he can
perfectly emulate the target device for as long as he knows everything he
need to knows about it (hardware / firmware / OS / applications).
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