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Den 27 okt. 2017 00:09 skrev "Phillip Hallam-Baker" <phill at hallambaker.com>:

In the real world, houses are destroyed by flood and fire, people are
displaced by war or tyrannical governments. If we are to meet the full
security requirements of users we must consider data availability to
be at least as important as data confidentiality.

Quick thought: isn't it possible / likely to have different sets of data,
where for one you'd rather lose all copies than give it away (like say a
diary) while other data would rather be made public than lost (such as
family photos)?

Would it be practical to define independent sets of data with different
recovery keys for such purposes? One key you can be less careful with, one
that you protect carefully? (Or even more tiers)

I've already been thinking about how a personal identity system should have
some representation of "personas" / contexts, and it could be something
simple in terms of interface like "family stuff" vs "secrets", or however
you want to represent it. Like having different "workspaces", or several
"Facebook pages" tied to the same person. Rather than micromanaging
permissions for most data you add into the system, you link it to contexts.
And recovery options with it. (although I believe most people would choose
the same recovery procedure for everything just for simplicity).
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