[Cryptography] Transactional software updates

Jerry Kemp cryptosys at oryx.us
Tue Oct 24 16:43:43 EDT 2017

Hello Dan,

Very much a big ZFS fan myself.

FWIW, the open source ZFS community took what was provided, and ran with it. 
Although versioning is off, from what Oracle Solaris proper provides, ZFS is 
doing very well, and is pretty much everywhere you would want it to be, to 
include Solaris based distro's, many of the BSD distro's and linux, read more here:



The only area's I *don't* expect ZFS to be showing up is on OS/2 (now 
eComStation / Blue Lion) and ms windows.  Minimally, OS/2 now at least has JFS2 
file system(s)/Volumes.

Regarding your BTRFS comment, I have yet to run across anyone who is/was 
impressed with it, although I figure that this comment will turn up someone. 
I'm also assuming that you have seen in news releases that Red Hat dropped BTRFS 
from its distro.


On 10/24/17 01:11 PM, Dan McDonald wrote:

> Essentially, a boot environment (BE) is a ZFS filesystem that contains that
> which the OS needs to boot.  You have a current one, and any number of old or
> new ones.  The trick with BEs is to separate what is configuration vs. what
> is OS.  I know Oracle Solaris made some progress in this area after the great
> barn door closing of 2010, while the illumos distros that use BEs
> (OpenIndiana and OmniOS) might not have.

> Dan
> xz
> _______

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