[Cryptography] Suggestions for wearable wireless technology ?

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Sat Oct 14 18:44:41 EDT 2017

Den 14 okt. 2017 23:06 skrev "Henry Baker" <hbaker1 at pipeline.com>:

I'm working with a small medical device company which is making wearable

The problem is: what wireless technologies are there that have the
following characteristics: [...]

The other low power protocols -- e.g., Zigbee -- don't seem to have
security & privacy necessary for a human wearer designed in.

I was thinking about some sort of low power optical signaling which could
wake up a wifi radio for brief high bandwidth bursts.  Alternatively, it
might be possible to utilize some sort of optical sensor and a high
frequency LED to establish a high bandwidth optical link, but what kind of
protocol would be ideal?

There still needs to be highly encrypted signaling and the highest quality
authentication (e.g., for the doctor's office and/or firmware upgrades)

You could use low power radios like zigbee for discovery / signaling and
WiFi Direct to communicate. Both have open source software stacks
available, cheap integrated radio chips available and have wide support.

Alternatively, if line of sight is guaranteed at all times, IrDA has
gigabit versions available now. Pricing / licensing unknown, though.
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