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> Hi --
> Suppose you were a reporter at a small local newspaper.
> No great tech skills and no great resources.  Still,
> you want people to be able to send you confidential
> tips and leaked documents.
> The standard answer is SecureDrop.

> Anything else you would recommend?

The problem today is metadata.   All letters have the "To: and From:"
and possibly retained by the postal service.

Many physical documents have near invisible tracking dots added by the
'secure printer' or inserted on any quality printer that might make
counterfeit documents of any type (not just money).

Many documents are generated on demand in formats that contain
"who what and where"  tricks.

Many copiers copy to digital and then print to paper leaving the
digital image on a hard drive with a date time stamp to match with
security cameras.  That can prove to be a pain.

More and more states, cities and towns have license plate readers and cell
tracking if only for parking enforcement -- the "if only for" collapses
under the weight
of the All Writs Act t 28 U.S.C. ยง 1651.

The best strategy is to make copies of any copies on a black and white only
copier on paper used to copy a white page on multiple machines. Then shred
to near dust the originals.

Bicycles... and foot traffic are still a bit under tracked unless there is

The best advice for a small town guy is to approach the materials as if it
was evidence.
i.e Keep it so it can be admissible in court against the criminal acts the
whistle blower
is tooting the horn on and not only on the whistle blower.   Any "all
writs" demands might
be held at bay because of the possibility of MULTIPLE crimes and that the
risks being lost if only the whistleblower is the investigative target.

There is also contract NDA law...  :(
... at some point someone has to swear and affirm that the evidence is

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