[Cryptography] Crypto basic income

iang iang at iang.org
Mon Oct 2 00:26:49 EDT 2017

On 26/09/2017 05:53, Roland Alden wrote:

> Can a (competently collected and analyzed) sample of DNA be viewed as a "really high quality" biometric?

Well -- it is high quality but not perfect and can be foiled.  FBI and 
various state labs are in a funk because their unchallengeable DNA tests 
that put many in prison turned out to be bad.

> I get it that biometrics cannot be secrets; but it would seem that DNA might be (theoretically) the gold standard for establishment of identity.

That only makes sense if you have a gold definition of identity. Which, 
is unlikely :-)

> Analysis of DNA is likely to be, for some long period of time[1], too expensive/slow/invasive to be useful for day-to-day identity applications. But as a "last resort" method of recovering lost secrets it might work.

Actually I hear it is fast getting cheaper and more retail.  Doesn't 
make it a gold standard tho.

> [1] One can imagine certain medical applications driving the cost of quick DNA sampling down to the point where this prediction is laughable...

Yes, it is :)


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