[Cryptography] DICE - volume 1

brian carroll electromagnetize at gmail.com
Mon Nov 13 15:30:05 EST 2017

 This is an announcement of the completed volume 1 text on dice.

 It is similar to exploring the universe in a grain of sand yet involves
 a comprehensive conceptual evaluation of dice as a hypothesis
 that exists to be falsified, thoroughly corrected, improved upon.

 Dice, Cards, & Computation - volume 1 (2017, no-copyright)

 details: full text 6688pp PDF, 99mb, photographs 345mb.


 ---> full text & photoset zipfile 432mb
 ---> separate PDF files, photoset

 thank you for considering the ideas

 Brian Thomas CARROLL

 Apple Watch Observations - 125pp (2015, no-copyright)
 On Drums and Drumming in the 21st century - 410pp

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