[Cryptography] How Google's Physical Keys Will Protect Your Password

John Levine johnl at iecc.com
Thu Nov 2 03:06:39 EDT 2017

In article <20171101164524.GI42467 at funkthat.com>,
John-Mark Gurney  <jmg at funkthat.com> wrote:
>> >???There's a version with a USB-C interface. Shouldn't that work with phones too?
>> Some of them, not mine which has a USB micro-B connector.
>> >https://www.yubico.com/product/yubikey-4-series/#yubikey-4c???
>Most phones support USBOTG, so you can get a cable to turn a USB micro-B
>into a USB-A allowing keyboards and mice to just work..

My bag is already too full of junk, and a dongle plus adapter cable is
not high on my list of things I want to add, nor that I want to dig
out every time my plane lands in a different country, my phone number
changes, and Google wants me to log in again.

Google has a range of 2FA.  When I'm not using my laptop which has a
USB jack into which I can plug the FIDO key, I use a TOTP app which is
good enough for my not terribly valuable account.


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