[Cryptography] Bizarre behavior of a non-smart mobile phone

mok-kong shen mok-kong.shen at t-online.de
Wed May 17 02:58:49 EDT 2017

Am 16.05.2017 um 20:33 schrieb grarpamp:
> On Tue, May 16, 2017 at 3:50 AM, mok-kong shen 
> <mok-kong.shen at t-online.de> wrote:
>> I am on the other hand
>> very interested to learn how the phenomenon reported can take place
>> technically.
> Given the exact make and model numbers of the phone are unknown,
> and the same for its presumed origin, chain of custody, hw and sw loads
> and rev numbers, etc... anything further would be just more speculation.
> Till then, buy an identical phone and new sim from a different source,
> and know baseband attack can probably dump new code into it at will.
In my OP I remarked that the vendor gave me a new device in exchange but 
phenomenon remained.

I hope that possibly someone could easily give me a good plausible 
explanation based
on what I described, noting that the phenomenon seems to be quite 
well-known, if
I don't err, since googling with e.g. "mobile phones making calls by 
itself" results in
fairly sizable numbers of similar cases.

It is my suspicion  that hacking could be a very probable cause. As 
layman I have had
namely the experience (three times!) of my PCs being hacked. But the 
very quick
occurrence of hacking on mobile phones (almost with the purchase of a 
new device
and a new SIM card) very much surprised me.

BTW, in the meantime I think I have found a good literature that seems 
to indicate that the
communications over the cellular networks are indeed very highly 
vulnerable to intrusions
by hackers. In the section of electronics of a public library I saw by 
pure chance a paper:
R. Devi et al., Implementation of Intrusion Detection System using 
Adaptive Neuro-Fussy
System for 5G Wireless Communication Network, Int. J. Electronics and 
Vol. 74 (2017) pp.94-106. I don't have knowledge to understand the 
content of that paper.
However I believe that its title alone seems to solidly support my 
layman's view/conjecture
of the very high vulnerability of mobile phones with respect to hacking. 
Experts please
kindly correct me, in case I am wrong with this thought of mine.

M. K. Shen

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