[Cryptography] Big ugly security problem in post-2008 Intel chipsets.

mok-kong shen mok-kong.shen at t-online.de
Tue May 2 17:39:10 EDT 2017

Am 02.05.2017 um 04:40 schrieb Ray Dillinger:
> I have been saying this for years, but kept receiving assurances from
> everyone "official" at the manufacturers and OEMs whom I brought it up
> to, all claiming that it wasn't true.
> Any machine with a hardware BIOS that allows network bootup, data
> recovery, and OS installation regardless of the condition or even
> presence of an OS installed locally on the machine has got to be broken.
> This is self-evident.  To claim otherwise is clearly lying, or
> childishly believing in something which is logically impossible for no
> reason better than wishing it to be true

In general, common opinions are subjected to manipulations by lobbyists, 
people and all sorts of persons who could gain something from success of 
their work.
In particular, in discussions on the Internet, there is an additional  
special genre of

M. K. Shen
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