[Cryptography] Gaslighting ~= power droop == side channel attack

Henry Baker hbaker1 at pipeline.com
Wed Nov 30 09:43:52 EST 2016

At 12:31 PM 11/29/2016, Chris Tonkinson wrote:
>  Suppose you charge a battery in anticipation of required energy usage
>for some application.  Charge it at regular intervals, and at a constant
>rate.  Overall power usage remains the same - but start adding multiple
>appliances (e.g. an entire home) and the combinatorics of overall energy
>consumption should prevent detailed analysis.
>  Six months later "power laundering" devices will be outlawed :)

It is already the case in many regions that the *only* profits that
electric utilities make are during *peak rate* hours.  As businesses
and homes and appliances become "smarter" at avoiding these peak rates,
the profits of the utility companies completely vanish.

I'm still not sure why the utilities are so interested in exactly
which appliances I have and when they turn on&off; I suppose this
is what constitutes "rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic"
for the dying dinosaur utilities.

Perhaps the utilities' new business model includes spying on their
customers and selling these data to Google, Amazon & the NSA?

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