[Cryptography] Is Ron right on randomness

Kent Borg kentborg at borg.org
Sun Nov 27 12:02:44 EST 2016

On 11/27/2016 01:27 AM, Ron Garret wrote:
> The real use of the SC4-HSM is, well, as an HSM

I just now went to your web page for SC4-HSM. I hadn't seen it before. 
Very interesting! Cool, even. You have my mind mulling over some of the 
possibilities. Being fully programmable, having a display, two user 
buttons, and maybe even a dang secure place to lock away secrets, all in 
a little and cheap USB fob, the possibilities are quite attractive.


-kb, the Kent whose a quick Google search suggests it could maybe even 
be programmed in Rust for less chance of being vulnerable to buffer 
overflow attacks, etc.

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