[Cryptography] Happy birthday, NSA!

Henry Baker hbaker1 at pipeline.com
Fri Nov 4 13:52:05 EDT 2016

At 09:18 AM 11/4/2016, Bob Wilson wrote:
> How many of us remember when the agency "came out" from having its existence and name secret?

I attended a networking show in the '90's and was talking to a bunch of people who all had "Department of Defense" name tags, and I was ribbing them about their name tags.

They then let me know that they were demonstrating a high definition *real time* video link with "Baltimore", and that I was being viewed *in real time* by a large number of people at the other end.

After turning bright red from embarrassment, I walked away with my (forked) tail between my legs.

BTW, whenever you called one of their phone numbers, they answered only with their extension number (I imagine because it was easy to misdial).

I've also tried to run reverse directories on these phone numbers, with zero success (as would be expected).

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