[Cryptography] Proof-of-Satoshi fails Proof-of-Proof.

Phillip Hallam-Baker phill at hallambaker.com
Thu May 5 22:33:58 EDT 2016

Which algorithm was used to sign the 'proof'. I tried to work it out but
couldn't tell for sure. But it looks to me like it was some form of ECDSA.

[Trying to simplify for an audience not familiar, have I gone too far?]

Now if you sign a document X with RSA, the signature will be the same every
time. But with all forms of DH based signatures, a random number is
generated and that affects the signature value. In effect, every signature
has a salt value.

Which means that a document X will only have the same signature a second
time if the same random number is used. And if that happens and you sign
any other document it allows an attacker to work out the private key. So
anyone doing DSA has to be very careful to avoid that.

So not only is it very suspicious that 'Satoshi' would choose to prove who
he is with an authentication proof that the real Satoshi would laugh at,
there is really no way that legitimate signature software would produce the
same signature twice.

This is not proof that the guy is not Satoshi. But it is definitive proof
that he is lying when he makes the demonstration. The only circumstance in
which the real Satoshi would do this rigmarole would be to attempt to
squash rumors it was him.
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