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> On 2016.06.17, at 4:11 PM, Liberationtech wrote:
>> Study on Trends in Crypto-Messaging:
>> Another contribution in the crypto discussion: Two security researchers
>> examine in their BIG SEVEN study seven encryption applications for e-mail
>> and instant messaging out of the open source area and then performed a
>> deeper IT-audit for the acquainted software solutions. The evaluation took
>> into account the essential criteria, study fields and methods of eight
>> international IT-audit manuals and identifies Ten Trends in the
>> Crypto-Messaging.
>> The comparatively studied applications include CryptoCat, OTR-XMPP clients
>> such as Pidgin with the OTR-plugin, RetroShare and GoldBug, Signal,
>> Surespot and Tox.
>> http://bit.ly/1V146AS
>> https://sf.net/projects/goldbug/files/bigseven-crypto-audit.pdf
>> by Adams, David / Maier, Ann-Kathrin (2016): BIG SEVEN Study, open source
>> crypto-messengers to be compared..
>> Sent by Mobile.

Security researcher David Adams from Tokyo about the published BIG
"We looked at the seven major open source programs for encrypted
... The software "GoldBug - email client and instant messenger" here
was ahead with excellent
results and is not only very trustworthy and compliant to...
Co-author of the study Ann-Kathrin Maier from Munich confir
study deepened with a detailed audit of the crypto-program
results for encrypted email and secure online chat. By our
trustworthiness of this open source encryption in GoldBug."
Therefore, the comparative BIG SEVEN study ... is recommended...
as preparatory reading material for questions at the next crypto party.

Really? Lol :)

- Googling your two bogus paper authors "security researchers" turns up nothing,
other than the name you stole from an unrelated real person. Shame on you.
- There was no such dated post on liberationtech for you to be
"forwarding" from.
- If whatever is in this so called paper about other projects [1]
isn't accurate,
they'll be denouncing you in public just like EFF and Tor did when you
lied about your affiliation with them.

We are *very* interested in your project... why don't you post your
"Sent by Mobile" phone number so we can talk with you?
Or the phone number you used to register with google.

How are the unreproducible binaries, community censorship, refusal
to talk, and weasling around wikipedia and cheesy websites coming
along these days?

Any links yet to positive commentary by well known and respected
public members of the real community, such as from anyone in the
apps below [1]?

If you're trying to be the next Satoshi, you're not doing a very good job.
Your history of lies, fakes, and shady operations is ridiculous.
Someday someone will dox you and what an interesting day that will be.


[1] briar, cryptocat, gpg, otr, mailpile, pond, retroshare, tox,
signal, silent, i2p, ricochet, torchat, surespot, etc.

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