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> *" The plan was always clear to the men behind nCrypt. They would bring
> Wright to London and set up a research and development centre for him, with
> around thirty staff working under him. They would complete the work on his
> inventions and patent applications – he appeared to have hundreds of them
> – the whole lot would be sold as the work of Satoshi Nakamoto, who would be
> unmasked as part of the project. Once packaged, Matthews and MacGregor
> planned to sell the intellectual property for upwards of a billion dollars.
> MacGregor later told me he was speaking to Google and Uber, as well as to a
> number of Swiss banks. ‘The plan was to package it all up and sell it,’
> Matthews told me. ‘The plan was never to operate it.*
> *Since February, Wright has filed more than 50 patent applications in
> Britain through Antigua-registered EITC Holdings Ltd, which a source close
> to the company confirmed was connected to Wright, government records show. *
> *Interviews with sources close to EITC Holdings Ltd, which has two of
> Wright's associates as directors, confirmed it was still working on filing
> patent applications and Britain's Intellectual Property Office has
> published another 11 patent applications filed by the company in the past
> week.*
> *It looks like he is trying to patent the fundamental building blocks of
> any blockchain, cryptocurrency, or distributed ledger system," said Antony
> Lewis, a consultant on bitcoin issues to whom Reuters showed the patent
> titles and some of the texts."*
> https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20160622/07071134780/fake-satoshi-nakamoto-trying-to-patent-all-sorts-bitcoin-related-ideas.shtml

​There are many reasons to think the patent applications would fail. Not
least the fact that the core technology was published on this list six
years ago. Any pre publication voids a UK patent application.

US patent applications have had to be published within 18 months of filing
for quite some time now.​ So the idea of a secret list of patents is silly.

The core of the scheme is the Haber/Stornetta catenate certificate patent
that expired yonks ago. There are plenty of ways to make a linked timestamp
stable and the use of linked timestamps to support ledger transactions is
well explored.

Well work for those of us who work as expert witnesses.
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