[Cryptography] Preview of links in Whatsapp

Mr Nobody mrnobody at mail-on.us
Sat Jun 18 18:43:17 EDT 2016

Hi all,

as you probably are aware, when share a link to a webpage on Whatsapp,
it scrapes some basic information about the link such as title af the
webpage, some image, and so on, like a preview of the webpage, I
understand for providing a better experience to the reciever having an
idea what's about before clicking.

To know this information about the webpage, it is required to do a
request. My question is, if you share a link to an http webpage without
encryption, does whatsapp make an unsecure connection to provide the
info about the web to the sender and/or the reciever? If that's so,
sharing links leaks information about what you're talking about to some
eavesdropper on your network. Does whatsapp "wrap" this petition in a
secure manner? I checked the Whatsapp security whitepaper and I couldn't
find anything about this regard. I leave the link here for reference:

Thanks in advance.


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