[Cryptography] Music players that don't promote eavesdropping?

Ray Dillinger bear at sonic.net
Tue Jun 14 11:43:52 EDT 2016

Just out of curiosity, is there any such thing as a desktop music player
(for Linux) these days, which can be configured to NOT use the Internet
at all?

Music playing is high on my list of things that have absolutely no need
for an Internet connection.

Every damn thing, even those considered "minimalist", wants to download
f&*(%^ album covers from this, lyrics from that, track lists from
somewhere else, internet radio listings from another place, etc etc etc,
by unencrypted channels, and doesn't seem to have options to turn this
obnoxious behavior off.  Even if I never ask it to do these things.

And then next time I go to Amazon, it's clear that they know exactly
which tracks I've been listening to within the last 24 hours, because
they try to sell me more stuff by the same artists. Even terribly
obscure artists whom I have played only on that one day out of the last
six months.

Maybe I would rather *NOT* allow every advertiser and snoop in the world
to know what kind of music I listen to and when I'm listening.

Just ... seriously, is there any way to shut these damn things up and
still have a music player on the desktop, or do I have to abandon the
desktop and use a console-only music player if I care?


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