[Cryptography] Blue Coat has been issued a MITM encryption certificate

Rob Stradling rob.stradling at comodo.com
Thu Jun 9 10:18:06 EDT 2016

On 29/05/16 13:55, Stephen Farrell wrote:
> 1 - yay for certificate transparency - CAs behaving oddly being spotted
>     and outed is good

Yay for CT indeed, but FWIW it wasn't CT that detected this one.

On 31/05/16 17:44, Peter Bowen wrote:
> Mozilla is working on getting all CAs to add info on their issuing CAs
> to their database; you can see the current status at
> https://mozillacaprogram.secure.force.com/CA/PublicAllIntermediateCerts.
> If there are checkboxes under both "CP/CPS Same As Parent" and "Audit
> Same As Parent", then it is safe to assume that the issuing CA is just
> a branded CA operated by the parent.

The Bluecoat intermediate (https://crt.sh/?id=19538258) first came to 
light when Symantec disclosed it to Mozilla.

I'm tracking intermediates that have been disclosed to Mozilla but not 
(yet) submitted to CT (see https://crt.sh/mozilla-disclosures).  When I 
saw the Bluecoat intermediate, I submitted it to some CT logs.

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