[Cryptography] List of 64 open spec Single Board Computers

Bill Frantz frantz at pwpconsult.com
Sat Jan 2 19:04:09 EST 2016

On 1/2/16 at 12:49 PM, ryacko at gmail.com (Ryan Carboni) wrote:

>Few are barely compatible with tails. To be fair, a used laptop completely
>reformatted is a bit cheaper (and when bought from a random shop more
>trustworthy), but part standardization is important when conducting
>revolutions to scale.

I built a system using a BeagleBone Black a over a year ago. I 
built it of low power ham radio use without worrying about more 
than consumer grade security. (It is rarely connected to the 
Internet and doesn't hold any important secrets.)

I used a 12 volt HDMI display from ADAFruit and a USB hub. It 
works nicely as a Linux system, although it is a bit low on 
horsepower for some ham radio digital modes.

Being based on a TI chip, I was able to download the chip 
documentation, all 5000!!! pages of it. I was not able to obtain 
similar documentation for the Raspberry Pi as it is based on a 
Broadcom chip and their web page said to contact a salesman. In 
both cases, I have no idea about the possible backdoors built 
into the chips, but I do know that installing back doors is high 
on the priority list of certain government organizations, both 
US and non-US.

Cheers - Bill

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