[Cryptography] Photojournalists & filmmakers want cameras to be encrypted

Jan Dušátko jan at dusatko.org
Thu Dec 15 18:03:44 EST 2016

Dne 15.12.2016 v 19:37 Henry Baker napsal(a):
> https://freedom.press/news/over-150-filmmakers-and-photojournalists-call-major-camera-manufacturers-build-encryption-their-cameras/
> "Documentary filmmakers and photojournalists work in some of the most dangerous parts of the world, often risking their lives to get footage of newsworthy events to the public," said Trevor Timm, the foundation's executive director.
> But, he said, "they face a variety of threats from border security guards, local police, intelligence agents, terrorists, and criminals when attempting to safely return their footage so that it can be edited and published."
There are also another "world", which need cryptography in cameras.
Police itself, because current digital images are often defeated in
cases by lawyers, because lack of source verification. Any digital
records are taken like suspicious, can be easily modified and nobody can
verify the truth.
Current industry solution are use the metadata in picture format (i.e.
EXIF). But for proper evidence, there are needs to got positioning,
timestamp and camera ID, signed together in tamperproof hardware and/or
use independent certification authority for timestamping of electronic
But there are no such things available.



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