[Cryptography] an associative hash function

Jelle van den Hooff jelle at vandenhooff.name
Wed May 27 13:47:18 EDT 2015

Hi everyone,

If you are interested in hash functions or data structures, I wrote a short
paper (http://jelle.vandenhooff.name/seqhash.pdf) you might like on
associative hash functions. An associative hash function is a hash function
that allows you to efficiently calculate hash(concat(a, b)) from hash(a)
and hash(b). In the paper, I describe how to build an associative hash
function from history-independent data structures.

There is a small catch, as the associative hash function described has an
output that grows in size as O(log n), instead of the O(1) delivered by SHA
et al. That is, for now, the price to pay for associativity.

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