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> I just last night watched _The Imitation Game_.  Apparently WWII was won because one man had a girlfriend, so didn't follow orders.  Yes, whatever, it was fiction, but the story is indicative.
> The painful thing is not that it was totally unrealistic and inaccurate, nor even that it pretended to be. The forcefully inserted feminism wasn't that bad either. The problem is that people believed it, and liked it.

In my book, movies based on books are either true to the story of the book or not.

If they are not, they are simply disgraceful sewage.

On that account, I give The Imitation Game three thumbs up.

(Disclaimer:  I only have so many thumbs left at this point.)

What do you want, historical detail instead of the thrust of a story?

What about complaining that the movie didn’t cover the subsequent
alliance of ”The Five Eyes” (or as they were originally though perhaps
gender inappropriately known, ”The Five Sisters”)?

Sure the first ENIGMA we’re shown is three rotor, and later incarnations
are four rotor.  Could you spot the obvious difference, and tell how much
that actually meant to things?

/ps the ACM doesn’t call it the Turing Award for nothing.

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