[Cryptography] Is there a good algorithm providing both compression and encryption at the same time?

Francois BERENGER francois.berenger.fun at gmail.com
Wed May 6 04:15:02 EDT 2015

Dear list,

While programming an open source distributed system, I discovered
it could be interesting for the system to use a well established algorithm
that can do these two things at the same time (for performance reasons).

I was thinking about something along those lines:

compression(clear_text) = (compression_dictionary, compressed_text)

then, instead of encrypting the whole resulting pair (to save some time),
we would send over the wire

(symmetric_encrypt(compression_dictionary, secret_key), compressed_text)

Of course, I would like that the compressed_text cannot be uncompressed
by someone who doesn't have access to the compression dictionary.

I would be interested in scientific articles or any interesting pointer.

Thanks a lot,
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