[Cryptography] Drop Zone: P2P E-commerce paper

Lodewijk andré de la porte l at odewijk.nl
Mon Mar 30 04:27:59 EDT 2015

Use craigslist/newsgroups/e-mail and Tor with PGP and don't create a thick
protocol. I know you feel really cool for making a protocol, but the
Blockchain is a bad choice for this.

1. seller publicly publishes what one's offering, where, for how much and a
PGP public key.
2. buyer contacts the seller privately, sending the buyer's pubkey and his
order in encrypted format
3. seller agrees to sell and sends a bitcoin address(es) in encrypted
4. using Bitcoin escrow the buyer pays to the bitcoin address(es)
5. seller delivers and notifies buyer of his delivery

I'm not sure how to explain that Bitshops.net does pretty much that - but
conveniently. It cannot see whether it's contraband or not because the
offers are encrypted too (it's product agnostic/not involved with actual
delivery). It doesn't solve the advertising side of things and although all
security-vital code runs client side you still pretty much have to trust
Bitshops BV to not serve you an exploit - which it won't ever have to do
legally because of the situation in NL (afaik). That's also true for Tor
and everything else, of course, but let's just ignore that and pretend the
NSA cannot remote exploit every device out there anyway.
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