[Cryptography] How to crypto secure speed limit signs

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Wed Mar 25 12:43:21 EDT 2015

Den 25 mar 2015 17:31 skrev "Henry Baker" <hbaker1 at pipeline.com>:

> You bring up excellent points.
> I understand that certain high-end German cars can already read &
interpret various road signs ("TSR"/"ADAS"), so it should be possible to
"spoof" these cars already.  I wonder if anyone has already done such a
thing ?
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Traffic_sign_recognition
> Fake street signs aren't new; an artist even put up a fake freeway sign
on one of the Los Angeles interstate highways, and this particular sign
remained for a number of years.
> http://www.ankrom.org/freeway_signs.html
> Fake roadway signs were used during WWII to sabotage troop & tank
movements; one scene in the 1970 movie "Patton" shows the results of such a

Came to think of this:

There's attempts at creating challenge-response tokens using quantum
physics, including by the use of light. I imagine a sufficiently cloning
resistant sign could work well if it for example could be easily identified
with computer vision (predictable shape) and if an IR laser could read it
to authenticate it.

But then you also need to stop people from physically moving them. But
again, combined with GPS and radio beacons you can probably get decent
security. Successfully spoofing all those sources simultaneously would be
hard. Signs in the wrong place would also be flagged when detected.
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