[Cryptography] Looking for sequential-memory-hard hashing

Zooko Wilcox-OHearn zooko at leastauthority.com
Mon Mar 16 00:28:30 EDT 2015

Hi Bear:

Nice to correspond with you again. I've been reading your posts on
mailing lists for a long time now. ☺

I don't have an opinion about your proposed algorithm, but I wanted to
point out some related work: the candidates from the Password Hashing
Competition. Many of them, e.g. Catena
(https://password-hashing.net/submissions/specs/Catena-v3.pdf ), are
explicitly designed to be usable as proofs of work, and I kind of
suspect that *any* of them *could* serve as a proof-of-work, because
the Password Hashing Problem seems to be almost the same thing as the
Proof Of Work Problem. Many of them (again, including Catena) are

Another piece of related work is John Tromp's Cuckoo Hashing Proof Of
Work: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/tromp/cuckoo/master/cuckoo.pdf

I think there is a pretty close relationship between your proposal of
partially-colliding triplets which have a relationship between the
three pre-images and Cuckoo. To see what I mean, read the part of the
cuckoo PDF about "Momentum", which is a lot like your proposal and
which Cuckoo is a generalization of.



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