[Cryptography] E-voting in Australia

Dave Horsfall dave at horsfall.org
Sat Mar 7 19:28:46 EST 2015

On 28th March, New South Wales goes to the polls.  This is notable for two 
reasons: not only is it expected to be a tight contest, with two 
conservative governments in two other states falling after just one term 
in several months, but it also sees the introduction of e-voting.

It's not available to all, but merely to those who cannot attend a polling 
place on the day, due to sickness, absence, disability, etc.  As an aside, 
despite what you may hear otherwise, Australia does *not* have compulsory 
voting, but compulsory *attendance* (and I think I've broken the law 
merely by reporting that).

Being somewhat disabled myself (the nearest polling place is further away 
than I care to walk), I registered online, proved my identity (name, DOB, 
address, driver's licence number etc), made up a 6-digit PIN, and received 
an authorisation token via SMS for subsequent use.

There is a demonstration page, and whoever designed it has a wicked sense 
of humour.

In the lower house, for the seat of Sydney Harbour (known for its large 
floating population) we have the "Khaki Party" (a take on The Greens), the 
"Workers Party" (ditto Labor Party), etc; in the upper house we have e.g. 
"Australians for Advancement" (our anthem is "Advance Australia Fair"), 
"City Life Party (Spencer Davis Group)" (and please don't tell me that I 
need to explain that), etc.

The e-voting polls open a few days earlier; a receipt code will be issued, 
which can be used to verify that your vote has been recorded as cast, and 
after the close of polls that it was included in the count.

I'll report on my subsequent experiences.

Who said that bureaucrats don't have a sense of humour?

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