[Cryptography] Anyone know of a hackable VOIP server with instructions.

Phillip Hallam-Baker phill at hallambaker.com
Thu Mar 5 20:00:45 EST 2015

Does anyone know of a hackable VOIP server that has like *complete*
instructions on how to set it up, including where to go to get a phone
number routed for it, etc. etc. Does such a device require a static IP
address, etc.

Also where to get the hardware necessary to plug my home phone system into
said box?

In the past I have asked and people have said 'go look at asterisk' but the
documentation is of the 'if you already know what you are doing' type.

What I am thinking of is that it would be nice to be able to plug the home
telephone handsets into a box with the property that it looks at the number
dialed and if it starts with a certain area code (666) it then look them up
in a local directory and places the call via an end to end encrypted VOIP
link and bypasses SIP, etc. etc. entirely.

There would then be a Web interface to said server that would allow me to
define mappings from the 666 exchange too my private directory and the
public key identifiers to use, etc. this would in turn allow me to dial
people from the commodity handset as if they were a regular phone number.

The reason for choosing 666 is that I doubt the US telco service is ever
going to use it (though a lot of folk would probably pay for it).

Plenty of closed systems on offer of course. But I would like something
like a DIY vonage box.
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