[Cryptography] Super-computer project wanted

Vikas N Kumar vikas at vikaskumar.org
Tue Jul 14 13:46:24 EDT 2015

Hello Dave,

>>> So, is there anything that could benefit from a few parallel
teraflops here and there?

a) What kind of systems are these HPC systems ?
b) How are the TFLOPS being achieved (100s of GPUs or 1000s of x86/SPARC
CPUs or custom CPU fabric) ?
c) What is the networking backbone - Infiniband, Gigabit Ethernet, Myrinet ?
d) Are they all floating point ops ? Then you need to solve problems
that require lots of floating point calculations.

Some that I know of and worked with are listed here:

1. Computational Fluid Dynamics related software (can be both GPU and/or
CPU centric)
2. Neural Networks (certain types)
3. Software leveraging Genetic Algorithms for optimization
4. Traveling salesman problem solutions
5. Evolutionary Algorithms to solve NP-hard problems approximately
6. Finite Element Analysis for aircrafts, cars, ships etc.
7. Monte Carlo simulations in Cancer Research (not just Financial
8. Distributed Video Processing (GPU centric)

Hope this helps. Contact me if you need more info.

Vikas Kumar.

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