[Cryptography] NY Stock exchange...

Tom Mitchell mitch at niftyegg.com
Wed Jul 8 19:43:32 EDT 2015

Too early to point fingers at anything yet
but the "Glitch" in the New York Stock Exchange
electronic systems... looks interesting.

""Exchange officials blamed the shutdown on a "configuration issue" with
their systems, according to a statement, and not a "cyber breach,"
according to a NYSE tweet. The configuration issue pertained to how the
exchange's systems interact with one another, a source said.""

Security systems and encryption are fragile in the face of
lost keys, lost access, lost individual memory... fragility in
their design...

A four hour down time tells me that diagnostic channels
and perhaps change logs were blocked.

It will be interesting to watch the speculations in the news
and posturing by pundits.

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