[Cryptography] How the CIA Made Google

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> Previously:
> >>> They aren't handing data to NSA?

> >> Hmmm… proving negatives. Does that have something to do with
> >> quantum entanglement?
> ......

> > The international nature of Google p


> Google is an American company.

But a lot of revenue is not taken in the US.   All multinational
companies play games to one end or another...   With that much
cash (also Apple) outside of the US international awareness
is important.

> The reality I suspect is: Google protects its data with more
> > care than most federal agencies.
> Data protection regimen is separate from what you elect to
> do with that data. Good regimen makes it easier to control
> and manage your plans, ie: classification.

This is important...   thanks for the good points.

Needs more openness.

Openness in large companies is hard very hard.
Plus 50,000 people yes there are people you and I might not trust enough to
loan $5
for lunch at InOut Burger.


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