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> From "Science"'s "The End of Privacy" special issue.  Using a small number
> of variables to de-anonymize credit card data.
> http://www.sciencemag.org/content/347/6221/536.full.pdf
Yes and it is also possible to take note of passive RFID tags inserted by
makers to control inventory.   Most stores have readers at the doors
to control inventory.  Some systems get disabled by a power burst at
the register but many are simply an inventory deletion that tags the
garment, belt, purses, shoes as not-our inventory (i.e. sold or some other

So purchase an item, have the inventory state changed to sold at
then that RFID can forever be matched to that transaction.  Next exit the
and all N tags on you person are possibly logged with the sold item.

Next visit, simply entering the shop wakes up a correlation lookup of
the tag set.  Some new some old... and the notion of you is less ambiguous.

Could be used at any bank or easy to rob store to ID thieves in addition to
video.   Active scanners could trigger based on a surveillance warrant or
little difference than a wanted poster at one level, invasive at other

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