[Cryptography] Review of The Methodology "Smart Transcripts"

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Mon Jan 26 08:16:40 EST 2015

Dear Cryptography Mailing List Members,
In 2012, when I was applying to US & UK universities for my postgraduate study, I came to know that you need to send your original transcripts for the verification purpose as part of your application. Since it can get very expensive for a student if he/she has to issue hard copies of transcripts every time he/she makes an application, I designed a methodology to verify student's transcripts for free (or at least cost-effectively) using QR Codes. This technique implements combination of cryptography and steganography. Although since 2013, many institutes and universities have adopted my software methodology  (and some un-ethical researchers have also copied my methodology and publishing the same content in other papers). 
The papers are freely available from ResearchGate:1) http://www.researchgate.net/publication/259643873_Confidential_Encrypted_Data_Hiding_and_Retrieval_Using_QR_Authentication_System 2) http://www.researchgate.net/publication/259643874_New_Generation_of_Digital_Academic-Transcripts_using_encrypted_QR_CodeTM 
This being said, I was wondering if you could provide an informal feedback on the proposed methodology?? Do you think the combination of cryptographic and steganographic techniques mentioned in the paper is effective??Do you think this idea could be widely adopted?? What are the future prospects of this methodology??

With Regards,
Somdip Dey

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