[Cryptography] please help give advice on starting a project about 'trust'

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hi, : 

I am Zhu Li , and I am new here. I don't even know if it's suitable to post my request here, please excuse me if I bother any one.
Since BitCoin paper is said to be post here for the first time. I am trying to see if I can start up a project about 'trust' with some advice from here.

My idea came out of this: 
In this world, we have billions of systems that collect user behaviours and analyze them and try to decide credit, and most of the system, is about money.
In some nations, banks have already been exchanging data for years about peronal credit, like how they borrow money from banks, when and if they return the money, etc...
In these systems, banks and personal customers are not equal, and bank systems have been a exclusive that other systems don't share data with them. 

I now have a believe in such a system, which is open (both system and data are open), distributed over the internet, and every analyzation is based one user recommendation‍, and the 'users' are equally treated, though the user itself could be a person or an organizaion. and the system itself do not deal with any business, it only collects user credits from othres which may be with some kind of description. And the analyzations could be very dynamic, say in this system, not a One really decide the tags and weigh of tags, which decide the 'final credit',  and user collects there credit by others, and the credit may slowly fades out if the owner are burried in huge data, or some tags are no longer popular.

Some questions about the design come to me, and as a freshman I strongly feel that I should have more to ask:
. how to define and identify a user, 
. what basic elements should be considered in first time.
. how to determin the form of a 'recommendation‍', which makes everyone can check every record of a user and make a judge, to vote for it, or down-grade it.
. how to create a system of the dynamic tags, which really means something to users who visit this system.
. which kind of 'prove of work' or some other data exchange algorithem can help prevent cheating.
. If a user (or many robots) come to make fake recommendations, how to downgrade there weight gently.
. how to build such a distributed ‍system that could be stored and I think we may introduce a system the 'not all data should be collected as one so as to generate new blocks, which is neccessary in BitCoin system'


Zhu Li
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