[Cryptography] Compression before encryption?

Albert Puigsech Galicia albert at puigsech.com
Fri Jan 9 15:14:15 EST 2015

Hello Stephan,

Both, CTE and ETC have their pros and cons. Headers of compression format
is not a problem since you can design the crypto system without any
compression header.
Pros and Cons are more related to cryptanalysis possibilities for an
adversary with a wide range of powers.

CTE is good because plaintext has more entropy, and you will be more
protected against some kind of atacks (like statistical attacks, etc), but
you can be vulnerable to some powered adversary with adaptive chosen
plaintext attack (Ref:
http://www.iacr.org/cryptodb/archive/2002/FSE/3091/3091.pdf). Recently we
saw some attacks on HTTP communications.


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