[Cryptography] China doesn't pass law requiring tech firms to hand over encryption keys

John Levine johnl at iecc.com
Mon Dec 28 12:22:14 EST 2015

>China passes law requiring tech firms to hand over encryption keys

The WSJ says that the law was changed slightly before passage:

 The final version of the law requires telecom operators and Internet
 companies to help authorities with decryption of data and other
 counterterrorism efforts. Unlike the draft version, however, it leaves
 out some controversial language requiring tech companies to store
 their data locally and provide their encryption systems for review to
 be able to operate in China. ...

 "Telecommunications and Internet service providers should provide
 technical interfaces and technical support and assistance in terms of
 decryption and other techniques to the public and national security
 agencies in the lawful conduct of terrorism prevention and
 investigation," says a final version of the law, published by the
 official Xinhua News Agency.

Nobody seems to know exactly what that means.  Maybe it means back
doors, maybe it just means do what you can do.



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