[Cryptography] Fwd: Re: Understanding state can be important.

John Young jya at pipeline.com
Mon Dec 28 11:34:42 EST 2015

>At 09:05 AM 12/25/2015, Tom Mitchell wrote: >State considered 
>harmful >A proposal for a stateless laptop >Joanna 
>Rutkowska >December 
>2015 > >http://blog.invisiblethings.org/papers/2015/state_harmful.pdf 
>  Remove the hard disk/SSD from your laptop & execute Tails from a 
>USB stick. Not as good as Rutkowska's ideal, but it is an approximation.

This describes part of the SecureDrop Secure Viewing Station



Since the Secure Viewing Station never uses a network connection or 
an internal hard drive, we recommend that you physically remove any 
internal storage devices or networking hardware such as wireless 
cards or Bluetooth adapters. If the machine has network ports you 
can't physically remove, you should clearly cover these ports with 
labels noting not to use them. For an even safer approach, fill a 
port with epoxy to physically disable it.

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