[Cryptography] are flipped coins unbiased?

Henry Baker hbaker1 at pipeline.com
Thu Dec 24 19:57:29 EST 2015

All of you should look at this *dice-rolling & interpreting robot*,
which automatically rolls the dice, reads & interprets the dice
with a camera.

The link also shows a lot of the statistics that he gathered.


Mark Fickett Art: Dice Roller

How Fair Is My D20?

An automatic system for rolling a polyhedral die and taking photos of the rolls;
extracting the image of just the die from those images;
clustering the images of the die by which face is shown;
and analyzing the results.

I was inspired in part by the Awesome Dice Blog's 2012 post comparing d20 fairness between two manufacturers. (Christopher Galpin in 2014 links to a number of other interesting analyses; John Kern in 2006 does Bayesian analysis for Pass the Pigs.) They rolled and tallied by hand.

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