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Wed Dec 23 07:25:04 EST 2015

On Tue, Dec 22, 2015 at 5:16 PM, Peter Fairbrother <peter at m-o-o-t.org>

> So, what is encryption good for?
To be able to have a discussion in private which could have otherwise legal
repercussions. Not only in your own country but also in others. For
example, my religious opinion could put me in jail in some countries. If
secret service agencies (unknowlingly my be) would start to exchange chat
logs, a planned vacation could end up to be much longer and more
uncomfortable. An unplanned transit flight is all you need.

In 2013 Tunesia is already trying to enforce their national laws abroad:

Politics and religion are of course easy examples but prosecusion would not
stop there if the encryptions haters have won that first battle.

Maybe the discussion is easier if we just accept that it is normal that
people have a lot to hide in their daily lives. I do a lot of thing which
are not 'legal'. I drive to fast between the radars, I sometimes forget to
blink, I sometimes look at my mobile phone or ipod. I sometimes axaggerate
on my tax returns. Life would not be possible if you are convicted as soon
as you do or say something wrong. Our law system was not meant to work that
If people would realise this then the argument "f you do nothing wrong, you
have nothing to fear" becomes moot.

So what is encryption good for? Free speech.

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